Support Team

The support staff at Jansen Coastal Properties Group is quite extensive and has contributed significantly to the success of our group. You won’t find another real estate team in Pinellas that has the size and caliber of staff that we do.

Q: Why such a comprehensive team?

A: In order to get your property noticed. With over 20,000 listings to choose from, buyers may just skip over yours if it is not properly presented to make the best impression. Working with JCPG, your listing will stand out on the MLS. It will also shine on, Yahoo! Real Estate and countless other consumer property search sites where most buyers begin their home searches on the Internet.

We believe that it is presentation, the appropriate use of technology and quality information that reaches buyers. They will want to see your home because it is attractive, priced right and represented well. The JCPG support staff that helps bring your property to the forefront includes:

Executive Assistants
IT/Network Engineers
Professional Photographer
Web Designers

Graphic Designers
Professional Property Stagers
and growing…

Give us a call at

to discuss your property, or

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